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Great game.

Love and addiction.

It's a fine line. It's ok to cross it here. Love the game. Hate the advertisements.

Highly addictive and replay-able!

Such a grand game!

Mrs. Ed 2016





Don’t underestimate this game! It’s fun.

Wood Blocks

Remember the fun with with blocks as a child? This is just as fun!!!



Great Game

Love it!

Love this game

Love this game

Word puzzle

Love this game and it’s so addicting

Brainy box puzzle

Just when I think I’m breaking my old record, I lose! Stretches the gray matter. Can be addictive! Fun.


Love this app

Great Time Passer

Keeps your mind occupied for hours!

Wooden Block Puzzle Game

Great game ~ lots of fun!


To have to wait for 30 seconds for an ad to play is ridiculous. Was a great app while it lasted


This app and any and all updates are 100% about ADVERTISING! First, second & third! Nothing else matters! CTRL, ALT, DELETE!!!!!!! Can you say GREED? This developer probably has it tattooed on his tongue.



Fun and relaxing

Fun to play. Relaxing. Take your time. No stupid timers or game speeding up.

Addicting and so much fun!

Love it


I am pathetically hooked on this game !!!

Very helpful with decompressing from the workday

I enjoy playing this game bcuz, its quiet, it makes me think, and helps me to unwind from my workday, I truly enjoyit

Word Puzzle

Totally Awesome game. This game is so Awesome that it’s the definition of Awesome which is totally Awesome. So I said all that about this Awesome game just to say how Awesome it is.. AWESOME..

Wooden Block Puzzle

The learning curve is challenging. It sometimes seems that program code is less random and optional shape choices are deliberate to thwart progress. That being said the resultant game is enjoyable and somewhat addictive.

30 second Ads between games!

The game just changed. There are now 30 second ads between games! This is unacceptable. So I shut down the game, double tap the home button, clear the game, and start over. Everyone protest.

Wooden block

This is a great spatial intelligence game. I play it for hour upon hour...highly recommend

My current addiction

I need to beat my score. I love this game

I love this game!

It’s amazing. It’s better than the other game like this one! Wood Puzzle will give hints and helpful tips on how to help aid in the right direction! I rate this 100% efficiency!

Fun game

A great way to pass time

Ads are killing this game

Such a fun game, but ads are getting worse and worse! It takes as much skill to delete an ad as it does to play the puzzle. Wish there there was a way I could pay to permanently delete ads because I'm getting ever closer to deleting the game because of them.


The ads have gotten literally unbearable over the last few days. I liked this game but am deleting it unless you fix this.


The ads are ENTIRELY too long!!!!!! It takes away from the game-playing experience.

Wood Puzzle

I really like this game. It’s very relaxing and helps me to improve my memory.

Wood puzzle

I’m in a serious love/hate relationship with this game.

Latest ad update is terrible!

Used to LOVE this game - played it constantly. Now? Hate the extended ads that you can’t exit out of. Hate the ads that take up half the page without being able to close them at all. I keep having to restart the app in order to play the next round because I can’t close the ad after it’s done.

Brain exercise

Relaxing too!

Good game

Wish less ads. Exactly. Isn’t there anyone in this world that can let us enjoy some quiet time without someone punching in an ad to disrupt peace.


Great game.

Fun game

This is a fun game! Not as easy as you would think!


I’m not one to play games man but I played this game until 5 am the day I downloaded it. And I’m totally addicted to it for what ever reason. It’s kind of stupid that you just move blocks and stuff but dude you need this game it’s pretty cool.

Challenging And Fun!

Love this wood puzzle game!

Fun and addicting game

Fun game! The only thing that would up my review To 5 stars is an option to get rid of the ads between games. I play this on my train commute and the music in the ads is insanely loud and startles me via my headphones every time. I always have the game sounds off but the ad sounds are too much. I’d be willing to pay for an ad free version.

30 seconds

Of ads after every game! - and can’t see final score until the ad airs for another type game I’m never gonna get! Frustrating!

Love this game!!

Totally addicting and relaxing at the same time!

Cool game

Wish ads would go away


Easy play

Great app

Not easy to get high score which makes the game a challenge Only drawback no undo


Fantastic game while waiting at Doctors office or inline.

30 second ads!

I love the game. I'd be willing to pay $1.99 for a pro version that didn't have ads. Each ad I've seen in the last few days has been 30 seconds long each! No thanks! I'll find something else to play.

Exciting game

Once you start playing the game, you can’t stop playing. A good challenging game for your brain.

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