Wooden Block Puzzle Game 应用的评论


awesome game

awesome game

Awesome exercise

Great way to relax and exercise your brain!

Woody puzzle

Love this game. Makes me think.


It the boob man

Great game!

Fun, fun, fun!

Wood puzzle

Great fun!

Love it

Great game


Awesome game

Addictive but too many ads

I loved this game until they rigged it so you can't play as long by giving you too many pieces that will never fit. Then you have to watch long ads before you can play again.

No political ads please!

Not liking the NRCC poll ads. If they continue I’ll probably find a different puzzle block app.

More difficult than it seems

Took 50 games to outscore the first game played Hard to stop

Great game

Playable for hours

Great time killer

Works executive functioning and speed. Great brain exercise :)


I go crazy playing and playing


Fun game


It’s more challenge than woody

Fun game

Fun game


I live this game!!!


Awesome game that makes me think and keeps me engaged.

Stress reliever

This game is definitely a stress reliever games.. Not only is it fun but it makes your mind think to make the right moves..

Love This Game!

One of my favorite brain games!


I put up with ads but when I got one asking if I stand with trump from the NRCC, I delete the game

Wood Puzzle

It gave me the brain challenges I needed for the rainy evening and I progressively improved each time I played.

Fun puzzle


Good but too many long ads

Like the game but I know it’s going to be at least a 30 second ad after every game and always the same one.


Good game


Could play for hours. Helps with my anxiety too.


Love this game.

Best game EVER!

Love it!

Love this game

It's really fun to play.

Lots of fun!

A great twist on Tetris

Fun, easy, no in-app purchases

No timer, no stress, and still a challenge. Love it,I play it for hours.

Obsessed !!! 🤓

The best !


Mind blowing

No objective

There’s no levels or anything to this game so it’s just about trying to get a new higher score. So you do well once, and then you lose and lose and lose and lose continually, never beating any levels. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it starts out super hard. I would say maybe add levels to beat that progressively get harder.


Best for relaxation. You are only focused on where to drop the next slot. This game will keep your mind off reality.

Great game!

Really fun and engaging.

Loving this game

This game is very elegantly designed and quite addictive. This version has ads in between which is quite annoying, apart from that, it makes you think real hard before making a move. Well done!

Great way to waste time

Fun game. Length of ads annoying between games.

This used to be a great game...

I was just hit with two political ads while playing. I play this game to relax and get away from this crap! Horrible move on the developer’s part!

Political Ads

I use my phone to escape politics, I don’t need to be bombarded with it between games

Wood Puzzle

This is a fun, but addictive, game 😉


Great. Fun. Exciting.

Awsome game!!!



Completely addictive!!!


I just started playing this game, I love it!

Very Addictive

I love this game because it’s very addictive and it’s not too stressful. It’s like Tetris but you’re not panicking every second! Definitely recommend!



Mind worker

This game makes you think. Great fun making those blocks fit.

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