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Wooden Block Puzzle Game app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 2608 ratings )
Games Entertainment Board Puzzle
Developer: Pawitra Apsari
Current version: 2.1.4, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 23 Feb 2016
App size: 66.96 Mb

Its FUN, simple and 100% RELAXING guaranteed! Get your BEST puzzle today!

Lets join over 10,000,000 players who have been enjoying Wooden Block Puzzle. Were rated 4.8/5 worldwide. Thank you for choosing the Best!

Inspired by legendary board game Tetris, brick game in your childhood PC, Wooden Block Puzzle is ideal for all ages.

- Free, simple and fun puzzle that keeps your brain sharp and boost memory.
- Easy to play, hard to master.
- Unwind with Wooden Block Puzzle’s harmonious, functional and user-friendly combination between Wood brick and Zen to help you relax, reduce stress and balance your life.
- Help you spend quality time anywhere you go.

Play with us and share this free block puzzle game with your family and friends to have fun together.
Your enjoyment is our priority!


No levels - just solid playing and trying to beat your own high score. Perfectly done.

LOVE THIS GAME!!! by Dezign09
"I would recommend this game to anyone! Its fun relaxing and challenging all at the same time."

Five months of daily play, and it’s still fun. Many puzzle games have levels that get progressively more difficult, until I get to the point where it’s just not fun anymore, and I stop playing. Wooden Block Puzzle has just one level. It is always the same... never gets harder to play. But it never gets boring, and has actually become more fun the longer I play, because the possibilities are endless, and the challenge is built-in. You can try to beat your own high score... or not. Very well-crafted by some genius developer. Thanks, Dev.

You ever get really bored? Ever turn on some music but didnt wanna dance but stillllll you wanted to do SOMETHING? Get tired of waiting for a text back? Are you anxious? Is the party youre at super lame?? Play this game and none of those things will be a problem ever again. Highly addicting game. So simple. Youre in competition with yourself. And honestly whats better?

WOOD PUZZLE by Houston Astros Fan
"Good thought for eye and hand. Moves fast enough to keep you interested. I love it!"

LOTS OF FUN by Kym6erlee
"I just recently downloaded this game and after the first game, I was absolutely in love. Its challenging entertaining, and requires a degree of concentration but without too much stress. Very similar to Tetris but the tiles do not rotate so you need to place them as they appear and the set of three tiles will not be replaced until the three present are situated on the board. Thats how you will either win or lose the game. I recommended it."

"Ok, I hate the friend who introduced this fun and addicting game to me yesterday. I sat and played for 90 minutes straight, telling myself "only one more game... "I LOVE this game. Just when I think Ive outsmarted the game it comes back and shows me whos boss. Its an easy, clever game, much the old Tetris, just not as fast. If you like fitting puzzle pieces together then this is your game."

PUZZLE FUN by A oSmile for fun
"Brings me back so many years when first I played Tetris a fun game then a fun game now. Thanks"

Latest reviews of Wooden Block Puzzle Game app for iPhone and iPad

Can I Save My Progress and come back to play later? I have advanced to a high score many times and pause to do other things then come back after a couple of hours and my progress is gone...if there is no way... then I an deleting the game.... how can people be scoring well over 50,000 points unless they are playing continuously all day!!!
Wood puzzle
Love it! Too addicting!
Lots of fun!
Takes a little time to figure out what youre supposed to be doing, as there dont seem to be any instructions. But fun once you figure it out!
Fun game and challenging, just the way I like them.
Used to be good but wont load
Im on a new iPhone so it not because Im running under an old iOS I have to keep deleting app n re download it Please fix Otherwise its a very addicting game
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