Wooden Block Puzzle Game App Reviews

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Can I Save My Progress and come back to play later? I have advanced to a high score many times and pause to do other things then come back after a couple of hours and my progress is gone...if there is no way... then I an deleting the game.... how can people be scoring well over 50,000 points unless they are playing continuously all day!!!

Wood puzzle

Love it! Too addicting!

Lots of fun!

Takes a little time to figure out what youre supposed to be doing, as there dont seem to be any instructions. But fun once you figure it out!


Fun game and challenging, just the way I like them.

Used to be good but wont load

Im on a new iPhone so it not because Im running under an old iOS I have to keep deleting app n re download it Please fix Otherwise its a very addicting game


Love this game!

Annoying ads

Liked this game but way too many ads plus the "way too touchy" ad bar at the bottom of the game drove me crazy! Ended up deleting the app...

Fun Game

Great for passing time and stimulating the brain. The only thing I would like is the ability to win and progress in levels.

Great game

Great puzzle game hours of entertainment!

I guess Im not the only one.

Were it not for the ludicrous number of advertisements involved, including the extremely irritating perpetual ad at the bottom of the screen, Id rate this game with 5 stars.

Wood Puzzle

Have had fun with it and many brief games, but am getting better. I notice improvement in slowing down and planning strategy. Very nice.

Wood puzzle


Fun, but the ads!!!

Fun and addictive game (I guess thats supposed to be good) but ads are excessive and sometimes it seems the game is over when there should be another play but the pieces dont drop.


If you dont have free time dont download - You wont be able to stop playing!!!

Good app

Its a good and fun app. I just wish it had different levels and another suggestion is have some blocks in there randomly so you can really challenge your brain to get out of the maze. :)

Love this game!!

This game is super addictive. I love that theres no timer so you can plan your next move. Great way to exercise your brain and flex those analytical skills. And for all those folks complaining about the ads--get over it already!! The game is free, its the 21st century and you are on-line. Its going to happen.


If you have a few minutes, this is your game. There is a strategy to leave yourself room for the bigger pieces, but its a game. Just ha e fun.

Love this game

Love this game. Addicted completely. Every spare minute, Im trying to beat my best score. I love that theres no time limit. I saw a complaint about too many ads, but its not even an issue. Great game.


Fun. Fun. Mind numbing, if thats what youre looking for.

Totally hooked

Easy, simple, and gets you going.. I like it.

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